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House Air Pressure Testing in London

Air Tight Testing is carried out on New Build Residential dwellings to satisfy the requirements of Building Regulations Document L1A.All newly constructed dwellings are required to comply with the Air Test requirements as laid out in Approved Document L1A of the current Building Regulations.

Airtight Building Solutions is renowned for offering accurate and appropriate air pressure testing services. We provide affordable and quick house pressure testing services across London, United Kingdom. We offer superior quality residential air pressure testing services to our customers across different verticals including home builders, construction organisations and small and large developers.

The air permeability level of a building should be well in accordance with the limit specified by the Building’s Regulations. In case it fails to pass the air tightness test, then the building won’t be considered to be energy efficient. We offer quick and cost-effective air pressure testing services for Part L1A Building Regulations for air tight testing compliance required by construction companies, house builders, large & small developers and self builders all over the UK.

We carry out air leakage tests on domestic and commercial properties including:-

We offer full and comprehensive house pressure testing consultancy and on site advise to your site staff to achieve Designed Air Permeability Target. We do not require a set of plans from you in order to complete your house air pressure test. All envelope areas and calculations are done on-site along with any small remedial work which may have been missed. All temporary sealing is included within the price.
Whether you want us to carry out air pressure tests within small flats or even if the house pressure testing needs to be done inside multi-storey apartments and separate houses, we will ensure that all the air pressure testing is conducted as per the Air Tightness Testing and Measuring Association (ATTMA). All our test engineers are trained and accredited members of the BINDT (British Institute of Non Destructive Testing). All our house pressure tests are carried out in accordance with BINDT and ATTA (Air Tightness Testing Association) TS1 Issue 2 to BS EN 13829 method B standards.

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